Copyright in a world without copies…

On July 27th, Friendster announced it had been awarded of a US patent on System, method and apparatus for connecting users in an online computer system based on their relationships within social networks. The patent covers in particular, the way to connect people between themselves. It was a big buzz, given that many websites are using the same technology.


WordPress Tutorial

Where can I find a good, detailed and recent tutorial for WordPress?

I would like to put many plugins on my blog, like, flickr…

I want to have apparent categories and not hidden ones, I could change my template for this but I am fine with this one

Howard Rheingold

In a mail interview made by Roland Piquepaille, I could notice several interesting points raised by Howard Rheingold, the famous author of Smart Mobs.

The Smart Mob-ilzation continues, as we count today 3 billion of mobile phones, 100 millions of camera phones, and a trillion SMS messages in 2005.

People are also using more and more tools like Wikipedia, Digg,, YouTube or Flickr and they have an impact on our access to information, our related reactions.

Openness and participatory media constitute antidotes to the dangers of our society.

For this reason I will right a post about copyright and its future.

Lessons for Startups

Startup illustrationIn this first post, I will expose my point of view about what startups have to do in order to succeed. This thema is not new and Paul Graham just wrote an essay about this.

I will use it for my reflexion, without shame and while Guy Kawasaki describes Chris Anderson as a writer’s writer relatively to his book, The Long Tail, I think I can be a blogger’s blogger for my first post. It will give myself confidence and there is no problem with being the second of someone.

 For Paul Graham, Startups should follow 8 basic rules.

  1. Release Early
  2. Keep Pumping out features
  3. Make Users Happy
  4. Fear the Right Thing
  5. Commitment is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  6. There is always Room
  7. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up
  8. Speed, not Money

Hello world!

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